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The calling is loud and the invitation open for all to join in listening to their real life stories.

Oh but the plants of this world have so much on their hearts they want to share with us at this time. They behold a vision and a wish for their future and they can't not get there without the conscious participations of man. They are not unintelligent dead matter or merely ecosystem supporting the organic fabric of life. They are beautiful sentient and intelligent life forms consisting of families and communities. They have souls, some individual, some more collective to their species but souls and spiritual lives non-the less. They are the brotherhood of humanity too and they are calling us more now than ever before. They do not want to loose their life and their opportunity for development. They do not want to loose all that they have grown into being. They do not want to retreat to their soul level and start over once more in another space. They do not want to loose their lives on the encounter of mans ignorance. Yet they are standing still with more open hearts than ever before, inviting man into their realm in hope of a joint future where harmony and balance for man and tree and flower and bee are equalized and free.


There is so much love stemming from our fellow green inhabitants of this Earth, so much eagerness to share their world and experience with us, a undeniable willingness to help us to. They do not see divisiveness they are the wholeness we seek.


Join me please in opening and expanding on this relationship now. It is neither hard nor difficult; it is a relaxation into a beautiful realm of beings.


With love

The Conversation With The Plant Community!


FlowersI was sitting in my living room the other day marvelling at a particular beautiful bouquet of flowers. They were bursting open on my living room table with intense joy and beauty. They had been at it for a few days already and I kept finding myself helplessly sitting there just wondering at their almost overwhelming explosion into life; Flowering In Uncertain Times