This Is Our Purpose!


When I am most alive, I realize is when I am in Conversation- in a conversation where the element of presence is real and thick. When all my senses are engaged and my heart is deeply connected to the exchange of the subjects. Conversation isn’t a human thing, though we most often think of it as such. Everything is in constant conversation with everything else and I most often find this deep fulfilling aspect of presence conversation in my other than human connections; the trees, the wind, the bird on the fence or a friend’s dog. It is actually not completely true because I think most often this conversation is happening between my body, my mind my soul and my Beloved. Next is the conversation with Angels and deities both beyond and of this Earth and then it is my natural visible surroundings: Plants, animals the elemental forces and so on. Lastly are my human friends, colleagues, and contacts. It is paradoxical that I most rarely find a real engaging conversation here with my own species. If you think about it, conversation is embedded in our culture to be a spoken language between two or more people but for me conversation is the ground being of the interaction of everything on the planet. Think about our own nervous system; it is a conversation between cellular structures, chemical transmitters, nutrients and so much more like different forms of energies, some from our outer environment and some energies we aren’t even aware of exists like energy from the other or inner planes of existence. It is through conversation that vi are linked together as a human being, as a species and as a part of a network of different species. It is conversation that lies at the ground of experience.


When we feel connected through a meaningful deep or funny conversational exchange with another human being, we feel a sense of gratification, connection, of being understood and of feeling a sense of understanding the nature of our existence; we feel fulfilled and meaningful. This sense of fulfillment is also possible to and somewhat immediate to experience when we become aware of the and practice entering the conversation on a conscious level with our other than human fellow communities that exist on this Earth. And it is this other than human community that has something very pressing on its heart and awareness to tell us now. For too long we have left them out of the conversation, having our own exclusively human conversation, yet our very human existence is now what is imposing a very real doom on our neglected other than human fellow residents of our home which we call Earth.


Earth Conversations is a response to this need. It is our sincere hope, that we can create a platform for taking up this conversation with the other than human communities, to let their voice be heard and to work with building a space for their wishes and vision for Earths future can be heard and experimented with. The knowledge deep within my bones tells me that, we as humans need to take a step back and stop all that we are doing; the development of societies, technologies, sciences and so on. We need to humble down and listen to beings that might be far more intelligent and full of wisdom that we could ever imagine. I sense that it is only here we can find the true knowledge of how to stop the downward flowing spiral of death and toxification of Earth. I think that the trees, the fox, and all his animal brothers have the answers, in very real ways, for how to live harmoniously without inflicting such distress on the Earth and I feel that the elemental and governing forces of this world will stop, help and listen if we take up this conversation with the wider community of Earth and take it seriously. Then real change can happen and I even believe deeply that the collective human species would be far happier, joyous and thrive beyond measure from this.


The first step of igniting this conversation is conducting a serious of interviews with people who have the ability to listen to the wider community. We will ask them as series of questions that will initiate and engage this conversation in their local environment. We will that way gather intelligent data of a few places wishes and see if there is a common thread globally running through them or a very local pressing need. We will Invite these communities to stay engaged in the conversation they have initiated and to share when relevant.
We would also like to widen this conversation through other medias like podcasts, films, and other media platforms when possible and relevant. We will invite the existing media with relevance in this area to spread our vision, values and to spread more knowledge and gather more data about the conversation with the wider Earth communities.


The next step is to form a global community that is locally rooted in Earth Circles so that this conversation can grow organically and root itself in a wider community. We will prepare material of learning material etc. and train local circle holders and we also invite people to send us the intelligence they have experienced so that we can document it for further usage.


The third step is to continue on our journey from there and maybe even at one point have enough material to being working with establishing concrete measures to the benefit of all on the background of the intelligence gathered on what all our other than human brother and sisters envision for a healthy and harmonious Earth.