We need to Enter a Deeper Conversation with Life and the Earth!



Life and the Earth are waiting for us to re-enter the conversation we use to have with them. They are calling to us in their silent language, yearning for us to open our hearts to their calling.

It is a great misunderstanding that we are surrounded by dead matter and un-intelligent life forms. Every animal has a voice and a wish for its life's unfolding. Every tree, plant and flower has wisdom to share with us in their common communicative field of engagement. They govern the forces of Life much more than we are aware of and they wish, at this time, to share their vision for the future with us. The Elements are wild forces serving all life. They do not like to be asked to bow down before anyone, and nor should they, but they are full of love too and will, when respected, love you and cherish your presence on this Earth.


We need to step back into the conversation with these beings and forces. We need to learn how to listen again.

We invite you to come on this journey with us- into the silent language of all things.